Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Homemade cherry muffins (brwn rice flour, rice milk, coconut mil, no sugar, no gluten, no baking soda) with apple, nuts, dried fig and apricot, dessicated coconut, sugarfree fig jam and sesame butter
green  tea

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Some of you claim that I have too monotonous breafasts, they are boring etc.
I just wanted to write, that of course, I could make really various meals such as some pancakes , but as I wrote at the beggining of my blog - I quite do not like to change my menu too much. 
As you can see I have a few favorite breakfast dishes and I try to make them different from the previous ones by for example changing some ingredients - fruits in a cake or muffins, things added to my oatmeal or so.
However I also have my 'daily serving' of nuts or shake which I do not like to start my day without. That is why they always must be on my plate.
I have just thought that I'll also post other meals such as dinner/lunch propositions there.
I just want to convince you that you can actually eat healthily, SWEETLY and tastily without adding ANY artificial ingredients, sweeteners or baking soda:)